Founder of Times Applaud Taushif Patel explains why PR is valuable for startups

  • August 22, 2022
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PR can help startups present a positive image to the world. This post from Taushif Patel of Times Applaud shows how important PR is for startups.

The image of your business in the eyes of the world can make or destroy it and can even be a deciding factor in sales.  However, you won’t get the media attention you need to become a household name overnight. This is where PR can help, as it allows a new business to portray a positive image of itself to its target audience.

Taushif Patel is a co-founder of Times Applaud, a leading publisher of press release, which is a part of PR.  Through this article, Taushif explains the value of a press release, which is incredibly useful for startups, as they say, a pen is mightier than a sword.

It is not easy to start your own business. You have a lot on your mind, from managing your finances to knowing what your consumers require. Marketing may not be at the top of your priority list, and you may not be considering PR at all. However, if done correctly, PR can provide your company with the best results while using only a little portion of your marketing budget.

Here are 5 ways PR is valuable for startups:

Assists in the Development of Thought Leadership

The majority of founders do not grasp how public relations works. In a nutshell, public relations serves as a link between the brand and its target audience. The media coverage facilitates communication with the audience and has a good influence on them. This process involves a variety of stakeholders, including corporate spokespersons, stock analysts, investors, influencers, industry experts, customers, employees, and even the competition. As a corporation, you may not be able to manage all stakeholders; nonetheless, public relations may help you get your voice heard and establish thought leadership for your brand in the industry.

Aids in the strengthening of relationships and the development of brand credibility

Unlike advertising, where you have control over the graphics and placement of the ad, brand communication through PR is dependent on the relationship that you have with the journalist.

And certification from industry professionals is required to validate it. When the audience reads the news, they must regard your products and services to be worth their time, as opposed to an ad that they only glance at.

It allows you to connect with the audience on a more personal level

PR is personal in character, with communication coming straight from the horse’s mouth. The audience learns about your business and personal life as a founder and is able to relate to you directly. You’ll contact them directly and form a community of people who share common interests. Great brands are established by deepening connections with their target audiences and influencers. What you must remember is that these relationships may make or break your customer, so creating trust is critical.

Excellent Tool for Increasing Brand Advocacy

The impact of public relations in enhancing an organization’s credibility cannot be overstated.

Numerous trusted intermediaries operate as brand advocates and strengthen brand image by voicing their opinions in the media. Because customers are overwhelmed with messages, the message delivered through public relations helps to filter and declutter the messages they receive.

PR should be utilised as a tool to deliver key message points and reinforce communications with company stakeholders. This assists in identifying your needs and connecting them with the demands of your audience so that your company and its communications fit in.

Do Business-to-Business Public Relations

Your interactions with diverse stakeholders do not always have to be about your company. PR enables you to approach your organisation from the inside out and solve problems with the help of your products and services. You must be seen to be doing good because once stakeholders lose interest, they will quickly switch to your competition. Thinking about and evaluating ‘what is noteworthy’ can help you stay current, and if your company is capable of doing so, public relations will assist your brand reach new heights.

Founded in 2012, Target Media is a 360-degree advertising agency. The company offers clients a full range of communications services, primarily print and outdoor media. Sunil Pandey and Taushif Patel are Cofounders and Directors of Times Applaud and Target Media.

Times Applaud was founded in 2018, to deliver digital marketing/services to well-known organisations.  It is a sister company of Target Media and a major publisher of press releases and brand promotion.

Taushif Patel was bestowed with a Certificate of Appreciation for his remarkable role as a Trendsetter, during the Mumbai Trendsetter 2020 event held by The Times Group.

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