Times Applaud launches ‘Inspiring Leaders’ magazine

  • April 7, 2023
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Times Applaud, a digital and PR company, has embarked on a new journey by launching a monthly magazine called Inspiring Leaders as part of their content ecosystem. The magazine launched its first edition in March 2023.

 According to the Mumbai-based company, the magazine will feature multiple stories curated to satisfy the needs of their readers who remain passionate about the print magazine experience. ‘Inspiring leaders’ magazine’ is ready to engage audiences searching for a well-balanced content diet. The magazine will act as a trusted source of information to help readers navigate the country’s socio-political landscape. 

Speaking on the development, Founder, Publisher & Editor in Chief, Mr Taushif Patel, said, “Print media remain the top priority of each publication brand. Interestingly, considering what we learned over all these years, magazines still have a lot of interest and vitality. The reason we’re launching a monthly Inspiring leaders magazine! Every issue will have a refreshing approach- Content that runs heavily on trendsetter leaders/innovators who are poised to make an impact, their interviews, current affairs topics, & articles on home, and of course, family. We want people to join us in celebrating our teams’ creativity, research skill, and exhibition of the human mind.”

“The core vision of Times Applaud is ultimately to create the most stylish, extraordinary, innovative, authentic, and inspiring people’s magazine/media on the planet. The job looks challenging, and it is not a small feat, but then with the brilliant and hardworking team, the leading PR agency is sure to stand out and take its readers beyond the pages of a print magazine.” Said Sunil, MD, Times Applaud Pvt Ltd.

Sunil Pandey is overseeing the overall operations, while Kalpesh Bhawsar will be responsible for art and design. A core team will support them at Time Applaud, including Chief Operating Officer Mr Nitin Gohil, Executive Editor Gopa Bansal, and Advertising and Sales Heads Ms Farnaz Wadia and Anil Pandey.  

The first issue has already hit the stands and is receiving positive response. The team wanted to debut with the blessing of ‘Shakti’- The Primordial Cosmic Energy. The reason this time the overall content-theme pays tribute to the most powerful creation of God- The Woman. The issue is covering stories on powerful modern women in society (corporate world, politics) who has earned a name by doing something unconventional. The edition also features all winners from Times Applaud Woman Iconza Awards 2023, a signature annual event by the leading world-class press release distribution network.

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